Monday, July 30, 2012

A Little Forward Planning...

We recieved confirmation of Aerynns admission date.  We now have 3 weeks in wish we can plan some time where we can settle and not worry about being whisked away for one appointment or another...  Aerynn will be presenting to the Royal Childrens Hospital in Melbourne August 20th for at least 1 weeks admission.  Honestly I am expecting it to be longer but time will tell. 

The ironic thing about our admission letter - to make sure we take along enough food for Aerynn's first day of admission... Hmmm  I know it's a standard letter but I had to smirk at that :P 

So the good news is that Miss Aerynn will be able to celebrate her first birthday at home with her family :)  It means we could have had her birthday party on the 11th of August but I really don't think i can pull it together with such a tight budget now we need to travel and live in Melbourne as well as on limited time...  So instead we will have a big party celebrating discharge, hopefully new foods and her birthday combined in the weeks following her release from hospital :)

So the reasons for this hospitalisation?

First and foremost food trials and ultimately walking out with 2 foods and a supplimentary formula.  Seeing as foods usually are tested individually and not classed a proper pass until they have been tolerated 3-7 days without reaction I'm not certain if we will actually get this achievement or our stay will end up being longer than explained at the time of booking. 

Secondly to do a whole range of skin prick tests.  We have a HUGE list of items to take in to hospital that they will test her for during her admission.  Most are fresh produce she has had intolerance reactions to so I'm not expecting much at all.  It will also contribute to investigation and confirmation of what our paediatrician has already suggested Aerynn has with the FPIES.

Thirdly to investigate the suspicion of Russell-Silver Syndrome.  She will see a geneticist who will go through our family history, look at Aerynns signs and symptoms and conclude if we are dealing with a form of dwarfism or not.

Fourthly to meet with a dietician who will build a plan for future food challenges and trials.   And

Finally for her to be vaccinated under medical supervison.  William had a really bad reaction to the MMR vaccine and due to Aerynn reacting quite strongly to previous vaccinations and her following a lot of Williams traits healthwise it is deemed safest to vaccinate in hospital or not at all.  Due to us almost losing William to Chicken Pox I have seen the effects of what happens when vaccination is not completed or available so am a very strong supporter of vaccinating children.  In saying that I also acknowledge everyone has their right the right to choose what they do vaccination wise, however William currently being not up to date with the schedule of vaccinations and will never be due to his reactions I am acutely aware of making sure we have the highest possible coverage in our family to stop these diseases getting too close to him - called Herd Immunity ;)

So it's going to be a BIG week for Little Miss A and I, but hopefully we will finally come away with answers and a firm plan on which to move forward with. 

For now, we have 3 weeks in which we can FINALLY start planning something.  We can stop living in limbo not knowing what is happening from one day to the next and be certain we can have a happy first birthday with our littlest princess and build some happy memories of this time with her :)  Only 9 days until she is officially one year old!!!!  I can't believe how quickly that time has flown!!!

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