Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Woohoo - We had a "normal" test

Aerynn's urinalysis came back "normal"  Meaning that her lack of growth has been tested for  everything it can be other than a genetic cause. 

I was clinging ontop the hope she was silently in the clutches of a chronic UTI so we could fix her lack of growth simply with a few antibiotics but that's not going to be the case and I'm feeling a little...  I really don't know.  Maybe numb is the right word?  I have tried to be positive and tell myself that all will be right, but the closer we get towards a diagnosis of a genetic disorder (or the RSS that is suspected) I feel the positivity start to slip.  

So all in all a "normal" result is really good... we now start looking at more long term issues that don't have ready fixes or can't be "fixed" at all... 

I know our little princess if absolutely gorgeous no matter what size she is, and if she is meant to be little we will cope, it is nothing tooooo major...  but... but... but... There are "buts" that I really can't put into words at the moment....

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