Links to video of "Reactions"

Not for the Feint Hearted...

I was debating with myself about sharing, but decided after a few comments have got back to me that maybe I should.

THIS is what we are coping with from Aerynn. THIS is exactly why she was hospitalised and why we are fighting to get her into specialists... THIS is not what ANY child should have to go through night after night.... This is what we have with Aerynn most nights
when she is having her "reactions" We're not sure now if they are food related reactions or gut issues from the food :(


There are small vomits in some of the videos, lots of distressed baby, ugly purple jammies of mine maybe a back shot of hubbys hairy back and err... not sure what else, shot at some ungodly hour one recent morning....

And her lovely nappy from the other day... this is what we are fighting being labelled as "acceptable" by some Drs....

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