Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Brussels Sprouts - Another Fail :(

Going through the list of trialled food I realised we had one more veg in the fridge we had not trialed - Brussels Sprouts!!!!  I know it's not usually a favourite in most households but my husband and family love it :)

So we trialled Aerynn with a little bit of sprouts...  she loved it - hey she loves eating bark to fill her tummy so to eat something semi-palatable life brussels sprouts has to be a luxury for her ;) 

A great night sleep, she slept in 4 hour blocks - something that we'd not had in such a long time after a food trial...  BUT by morning her nappy reeked!!!  I was certain I was going to be met with a huge mess when she finally roused from her deep sleep...  But no, the sprout odour had come through her urine and sweat!!!!  It wasn't until yesterday afternoon that the odour started to ease!!!  Because of the odour I decided not to give her any more sprout for another 24 hours to see how she went in case it was the sign of a reaction.

Last night was hmmm.... testing would be an accurate word...  Up every 1.5 hours screaming for feeds again...  I had a feeling that come daylight we were in for a bad day.. and I was right!! 

Today has had a total of 3 nappies full of gunky mucous and streaks of blood.  She has fought sleep from 7am until just now when I put her to sleep - so 15 hours straight!!!  I've not bee able to put her down, she's sooo clingy and miserable :(  Add to that screaming for almost the last 3 hours and my patience is in shreds....

So I'm happy to mark Brussels Sprouts off as a fail... I think that's pretty much the last veg we can trial now before we see the paed in Warnambool this Thursday..  I was hoping against hope that we can find a way to avoid a long term hospitalisation.  Trying to find something for her to tolerate and see if we can force some weight or growth into her tiny frame...  As much as it's for her health and possibly for the best it scares me that we will be so far from home and family for what is possibly a long time... and as much as we've tried to buy time with different things, I fear time to avoid hospitalisation is running out :(

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