Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Little Miss Aerynn

She came into our lives unexpectedly.  We already had 4 children, and planned to fill our home with at least one more little soul. However in the journey to completing our family we had already lost 8 little ones.  The 2 miscarriages prior to Aerynn were late losses so I was losing hope that we were able to have any more babies, we really didn't expect to have the scent of newborn baby in our home again.

We had a perfect pregnancy.  Absolutely no weight gain, no real issues (aside from pinching a nerve in my back by doing too much) and what seemed to be a petite little baby growing inside. 

Her birth was beautiful.  We welcomed Aerynn into our lives at home.  A serene, unassisted water-birth in the early hours of her due date, August 8th, 2011.  Her full name meaning "Hope sent from Heaven"

Aerynn 12 Hours Old

For all intents and purposes Aerynn was the picture of health, albeit teeny tiny.  5lb5oz (2890g) and 44cm long. 

We had no food issues or reactions recorded at 12 weeks of age, I really felt we were safe from the FPIES, intolerance, allergies and anaphylaxis that plagued our younger boys. 

I celebrated too soon :( 

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