Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Unusual SPT Reaction...

Aerynn had a negative result to the SPT's she had at the RCH.  They tested soy, peanut, dairy as well as neocate, pepti jnr and elecare formulas.  She had a 1x1mm wheal come up to the pepti jnr and to dairy but as they were less than 3x3mm and smaller than the histamine they were negative results. 


The marks are STILL on her back, and now have pin-prick blisters around the SPT marks!  I've not seen this before and have no idea what it means.  As soon as the RCH are open on Monday I intend on calling them to discuss this reaction with them.  When she was tested they said not to give her any antihistamines as she had a negative result and we haven't trialed antihistamines so no idea if they would make her sick in the place of itchy so leave things be, but I certainly did NOT expect this!!!!

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