Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Meeting Lifelong Friends :)

Ok, her life hasn't been all that long yet but Aerynn met some babies who's mummies are in the same online "mummy group" from a popular parenting site and now a FB group. 

Aerynn and Crispin actually share a birthday, while Gretel is a few days younger - only a few ;) 

Aren't they just the cutest??? 

L-R Gretel, Crispin and Aerynn

So many captions could fit this photo... 

Gretel - "Ewwww Who farted?"
Aerynn - "He did!"
Crispin - "Did not!"
                       ...comes to mind LOL

2 little princesses... discussing fashion maybe??

BTW, these are the boots that added almost 5cm to Aerynns growth when measured a few weeks ago :/  I can see a couple of CM but 5???  Wishful thinking maybe??  LOL

"Quick, she's going to take more photos unless we make a run for it now!!!!"

It was great to catch up with mummies and babies that we've been conversing with since finding out our little cherubs were on the way and now heading towards their first birthdays :)  Makes things feel kinda normal, and knowing that when Aerynn is hospitalised she will have some little friends to visit makes the thought of time away from the family a little easier....

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