Saturday, August 18, 2012

So Much For That... know, that "no food" rule...  Somewhere the littlest miss has ingested something and has spent the last 2 days reacting to whatever it was **sigh**  I'm not certain what it was but it could be apple if she had a suck on the apple core Dommy left on the coffee table before we removed it... 

So we've had the works..  well kinda, all except vomiting this time, which is what makes me think it's more of a "suck" than a "chew and swallow".  We were aiming on getting her back to base level of no reactions and clear skin before her hospital admission in 2 days (eeeekkk  so close now!!!) but instead we have eczema, burned bottom, diarrhea and mucous and a miserable, non-sleeping, screaming and clingy bubs.  I'm hoping against hope that all these symptoms dry up overnight so we have a good starting level before her food trials start and (quite selfishly) I can get a decent amount of sleep before our 5 hour drive tomorrow.

In some unexpected good news Aerynn won a feeding bib from a Facebook store yesterday!! Belly Button Kids  had a 1000 likers giveaway and our number came up!!  Perfect timing isn't it!!  Hopefully we come home from hospital with a little girl who can finally eat and wear her beautiful new bib!!!  

At the moment I'm madly crossing things off lists, making sure that things should run reasonably smoothly back here at home for hubby and the remaining 4 kidlets and getting ready for a rental inspection due on Tuesday... oh and Kahli and William have a school concert I need to get their stuff ready for on Tuesday evening as well :/  Never a dull moment eh   ;)   I'm hoping to be on the road by 10am tomorrow so we hit Melbourne before it gets too dark!  Driving in the city for this country mouse is daunting, driving without support in the city is even more so! LOL  Times like these you realise how much you rely on your partner...  big girl panties and cups of cement have already been ordered   ;)

Right now the older kidlets blue baby books are eluding me, these are required to compare Aerynns growth with for the Russell-Silver Syndrome investigations...  Pretty important I find them too!  So it's madness!!  Nothing new really...  madness mixes with a little panic and apprehension... I've never left my kidlets for this long before, and never left Dommy before so feel a bit like a deserter but know it's for the best.  Bring on discharge with diagnosis and some "safe" foods, oh and returning home to my little (well not so little) family <3

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