Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Little Poppet!!!

Yesterday we took a risk and did a cake smash with our little one.

 The logic behind it being that she was already feeling poorly, it couldn't make her feel much worse, and better to get it over with while she is feeling like that already rather than letting her feel better, then get sick again and start a roller-coaster of food reactions.  It sounded good at the time, we had a rough night and iffy morning but it was totally my fault so no use complaining...  I think the photos and seeing her enjoy the cake smash was worth it.  

Who knows when she will have free reign to enjoy food again???  It was one last hurrah :)  


Today we could ignore it no longer...  At 1.35am Aerynn woke for a feed...  around 1.45 she slowly started to doze off...  Probably doesn't mean much to anyone really but 1.45am marked Aerynn being earthside for 12 full months.  It was so right that she was milk drunk, snuggling and starting to doze at that particular moment. 

 I think it was also the moment I started to come to terms with the fact that as much as there is nothing I wouldn't do to "fix" Aerynn but no matter what we do we simply have to ride the waves of whatever comes out way.  I'm probably a slow learner, I really don't know... but we've tried just about everything we can to induce growth and weight gain.  Even these last few weeks allowing her to eat a bit more and increase calories simply hasn't resulted in anything.  Todays weight  and length check confirmed that. 

At 12 months of age Aerynn is 65cm long, weighs 6.57kilo and has a head circumference of 46cm.  That means in the space of 1 months she has gained 10grams and grown half a centimeter.  But for the sake of not a wetting her nappy and a little scrunch as she's beign measured we would have recorded our first loss!!!  It's the smallest growth she has recorded in 4 weeks AND she has had increased calories this month.  It has calmed my mind a little in allowing me to accept that her lack in growth is extremely unlikely to be nutritionally effected, that we are dealing with something other than a dietry issue.  Sure her diet IS an issue, but it's not what is effecting her growth.

In 12 months Aerynn's weight is up 3.68kg (from 2.89kg), She has grown 17cm in length (from 48cm) and her head circ is up 12.5cm (from 33.5cm. She has definitely grown... just not as expected...  She is going things in Aerynn's way, and is perfect the way she is and we will love and accept her no matter what the future brings her :)

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