Friday, August 10, 2012

Getting Tough!

Time has come to start getting really tough and crack down on the "no food" rule.  Aerynn has had a really rough night followed by a similar day.  I can only blame myself for giving in and being selfish with the cake smash.  As much as she LOVED having free reign I knew it was a risk and chose to get photos over the health implications which really isn't good enough.  As her mum I'm meant to be her protector and put her first, I didn't and now she is suffering for it :( 

Last night both Aerynn and I had absolutely no proper sleep.  She would drift off only to wake screaming, arching her back and the only way to calm her was to feed her and snuggle.  She has had 9 very pale and loose dirty nappies in a 24 hour period which have been very acidic and she now has big open wounds where she has been burned and the resulting blisters have burst on her bottom.  They are now bleeding, no matter how thickly I slap the barrier balm on it still bleeds through.  Add to that she had a huge nappy full of mucous and fresh blood this afternoon.  I can only put it down to a delayed reaction to the cream she ingested with the cake smash.  She's not ingested enough of anything else to create such a dramatic change and gastrointestinal reaction.  She didn't eat any cake, only cream.  Cream dyed with red food colouring with added gelatine (beef) so it could be any of those or the combination.  Honestly, I think it's the cream.  She's always had an issue with dairy - as much as she's not allergic to it she has had big issues since around 12 weeks of age.  

So her reaction has been tough, but our response must be tougher.  No more food.  We have a week to get her back to baseline so any reaction we get in hospital can be narrowed down to a new reaction and treated accordingly.  It's not going to be easy.  She knows what food is, she loves tastes and textures and is awake during traditional mealtimes.  The only way I can think of making this work is to have 2 meal times for the family.  Maybe the kids first with Nathan and then I'll eat later.  That way whomever may not be eating can take Aerynn into another room and entertain her so she doesn't have food in front of her teasing her as such.  Meal time for us has always been a family situation so it; is going to be different, but hopefully, it will only be for a week.  Hopefully we come home from hospital with a food that can be tolerated and Aerynn can finally join us at the dinner table :)

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