Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Happy Second Birthday!!

Happy Second Birthday Miss Aerynn.  I know it was officially a few days ago, but I've only just stolen the 5 minutes to pop on here and write a little something.  For your birthday you were still unwell from a virus that wiped you out for 5 weeks now.  You're slowly regaining your strength but there are still purple shadows under your eyes and your face is a ghostly shade of white underneath the occasional flushes of colour we are now seeing come back to you. 

Aerynn, this year you celebrated your birthday with you 5 other siblings.  However you slept through the morning pre-school rush so we celebrated with you after all your older brothers and sister finished with school and daddy got home from work.  It was around 4.30pm that we gave you your gifts.  You weren't sure what to do with the wrapping paper at first but worked it out in the end - it was for ripping into confetti of course - silly mummy who thought it looked better in one piece rather than all over the floor :/ 
Aerynn, you were thrilled to discover under the wrapping paper (or confetti as you preferred it to be) you were spoiled with a talking "Lambie" from one of your favourite TV shows (Doc McStuffin) who is always asking you if you need a hug from Kahli.  William gave you a selection of dress up clothes and some pretties (pretend jewelry) Domenik, Aleks and Toby worked together with their gifts for you.  Dommy gave you a new baby doll, which is slightly bigger than your other dolls - he's hoping you'll grow into this one.  Aleks gave you some clothing and doll accessories and Toby a nappy bag with some cloth nappies for dolly (well mummy still needs to make them - it's kinda hard to sew things when you've been hanging off her these past 5 weeks - it WILL get done!!) and a crochet blankie for your dolls (at least mummy got one thing completed) and Mummy and daddy gave you a hamper of Minnie Mouse bits and pieces including the cutest little outfit :) 

All in all you had a what appeared to be a wonderful day.  You had lots of naps and lots of smiles, "huggems", giggles and snuggles. 

We are all praying that this year which lies ahead for you is one which is a lot easier to journey through.  We're no longer asking for answers but just for the good days to outweigh the bad and for many many happy memories to be made. 

Loving you forever and always Miss A, keep on smiling and sharing your "huggems" and being the gorgeous little pocket rocket you are :)

Love Mummy

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