Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cake Smash!!!

We did it!!! there was a period of sunshine in a relatively bleak wet old winters day so we took the opportunity to dress Aerynn up (well you know what I mean), whip some cream and do a cake smash!!!


We had some issues, the biggest being our little girl has become somewhat of a little princess.  She refused to get her hands into the cake!!!

So we needed to get her a spoon to start eating it!  The closest she came to voluntarily "smashing" her cake was to run her fingers through the cream.

 Aleks came along and smashed her hand into the cream - much to Miss A's disgust (and boy did the neighbourhood hear about that!!!  LOL)

She also has developed an acute knowledge on where all the bugs are in the world and screams at the thought of one coming near her - Princess complex I'm sure :/

Despite all this I got some shots.  I wanted it to look like she was in her own little pixie type world enjoying her very own cake...  Not sure if I achieved it but loving the piccies anyways :D

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