Sunday, October 19, 2014

Upping the Ante

Our little girl isn't doing so well at the moment.  She has had an increase in the intensity and frequency of her headaches in the past fortnight in particular and we suspect she may also be having some seizure activity :(  We have always been on the alert for signs of seizures as Hubby had epilepsy as a child and there it is on my side of the family as well which increases our risks of the children inheriting it quite substantially.  

Today we happened to have a GP appointment just as Miss A was in the middle of a migraine.  It wasn't pleasant travelling the 38kms to town to have her seen but I'm glad we pushed through.  

On arrival Aerynn promptly vomited several times at the reception desk, so I guess they knew we were being serious when I was saying she was unwell with a migraine.  Poor little mite ended up moaning and unable to contain her pain :(  It's so hard to see her like this and not able to help her...  

Our lovely GP saw her and agreed that it was more than a headache, our little girl is having migraines.  She also agrees that we are very possibly seeing seizure activity.  We have an urgent referral for her to see the paediatric neurologist who visits here every 3 months.  I believe they are here in December so hopefully if they haven't requested she be seen in Adelaide by then she will see him then.  Aerynns medications have been increased and we will get her up to the maximum dosage of it in order to try and reduce her migraines and their severity.  She has been prescribed painstop to help deal with the pain, unfortunately there are no anti-nausea meds she can take in conjunction to her meds so we are hoping she levels out soon.  

Our Gp was also not impressed that her next appt with the paed is next May and has called the peads rooms requesting an urgent appointment within the next month and to be for Aerynn to be under the care of another paed

whilst our regular paed is on maternity leave.  

We are trying not to worry too much.  We don't know what is happening inside her little head at the moment but at least the neurologist can rule out anything sinister and run the necessary tests to help our little girl.  

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