Thursday, October 9, 2014


Aerynn, October 2014

Our Aerynn still isn't in peak condition.  She is slowly growing and appears on the surface to be a wonderfully happy and well adjusted 3 year old but she is still small for her age, still has dietary limitations and on neonate formula and supplements.  Her blood sugars are stable most of the time but have a tendency to drop super low or swing high and she is still getting severe stomach pains and migraines.  

She has beens started on some medication to try and combat the migraines.  Her paediatrician believes some of her sever stomach pains are related to her migraines as well.  She has had a week of the new meds and already had another migraine last night with swinging sugars, so we are back starting BSL, food and activity monitoring to try and work out any triggers to these attacks.  

Picking Bunny Tails (what Aerynn calls "clams") October 2014

In the meantime she is still our gorgeous Aerynn.  She is blossoming into a wonderful character full of love, a wonderful big and little sister and knows how to put us in stitches at the oddest times :)  

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