Monday, March 17, 2014

I'm back...

Did ya miss me?  probably not considering I feel I'm talking to myself - But this blog has been a great record to draw information and past issues from for her medical teams so I have to make sure I keep it updated!! 

Sunset behind our house

Good news!  Miss A had her surgery and come through with flying colours :)  Well the surgical side that is... she also came through with high blood sugars and spent an extra couple of days in hospital up in Adelaide.  She was discharged the morning we had to leave.. was a HUGE stress and added pressure BUT WE SURVIVED!!!! 

All prepped and ready for surgery... Feb 3, 2014
Even baby gowns have that well known gape ;)

The surgeon was very pleased with her hernia repairs.  And we are incredibly blessed that we went with my gut instinct and did the bi-lateral repairs as she not only had the huge hernia (the size of a fist) in her left groin, but also a smaller hernia on the right side that we were missing due to the sheer size of her leftie!  So it was optional surgery which ended up being very necessary :) 

Day 2 in hospital, Feb 4, 2014. 
Hoping to go home, but was discharged from surgery
then immediately readmitted to endocrine...
Still cannulated, in case her system
decided to do something out of the ordinary.

Now, her fluctuating blood sugars are raising a bit of a concern now.  She went up to 15.5 the morning after her surgery.  She was then discharged from the surgical team and immediately re-admitted to hospital under endocrine.  We have no real answers as yet.  She is not presenting like a typical type 1 diabetic.  It really has the doctors stumped.  There is talk of other rare forms of diabetes (Did you know that there are more than 2 types of diabetes even?!?!?!)

Day 3 in hospital... Feb 7, 2014
She looked so tiny in their full sized single beds

We are heading back to Adelaide April 7th to see the endocrinologist again and discuss her results.  I'm assuming she will have another blood test called a HBa1C which gives you an average of her blood sugar levels over the previous 3 months.  It's a great test in theory, but when you have one with fluctuating levels like Miss A, the highs and lows can cross each other out and the results appear normal, when the fact is she has out of control levels... 

Out of hospital and on our way home!
All smiles at the Keith playground. Feb 8, 2014

So for now, lots of patience, taking each day as it comes and following through on all the appointments and hoping that someone has a magic wand somewhere and can conjour up an explanation or even a diagnosis for our little miss!!!

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