Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Taking Time to Breathe...

This year is going to be HUGE.  It has the potential to be life changing.  Not necessarily a good or bad thing... life changing in so much that we're expected to be walking out with a diagnosis that will effect Aerynn for the rest of her life. 

She wont be the first, she wont be the last... but she is our little girl who is being battered by this disease so it has long reaching and big effects on our lives, our emotions and we need to adjust.

I was just "reminded" by a relative that we are not the only people in the world who have issues.  I know that.  I get that.. I have never ever EVER said, pretended put forward etc etc that we are the only people who have issues.  I am taken aback that anyone feels they need to remind me of this.  For someone close to say it then apparently it must be what we portray to the outside word.  I don't know.  I don't know if this comment was made out of spite, anger or love.  I'd like to think the latter seeing as it was made by a close relative, but stranger things have happened.

So I'm taking a bit of a break from online world.  There is so much nastiness floating around ant to be honest I really need a break, some time for me.  My "word" for the year is *breathe* in so much as I need to remind myself to stop, relax and breathe and then re-collect and move on.  So I'm taking this time as my time to stop, take time out from the online world and to breathe... 

Getting some inner strength back before next weeks trip and appointments and to recollect ourselves before meeting Aerynns endocrinologist and surgical team in person up in Adelaide.  

Yes, I said surgical team.  We (well Nathan) misread the letter we received from the hospital.  Aerynns appointment next week is not with the endocrinologist, instead with the surgical team who will be repairing her hernia! 

To be honest, I'm not disappointed in the error.  Aerynn has started toilet training and as a result she is not wearing her nappies full time anymore which means she has lost some support around the are of her hernia.  It is now protruding most of the time and has almost tripled in size since we first noticed it a couple of months ago :(  She has also started complaining about having tummy pains.  I'm not certain if the pains are related, but they seem to get worse when she has had obvious large mass protrusions from her hernia in the hours before hand.  It could be a co-inky-dink but I'd like to get it checked ASAP and repair organised. 

So Adelaide is a doubly, tripley... no, actually, even more of a nervous time for us.  We knew the minute we were told the lump was a hernia that she would need surgery... that time is getting closer!!!  I know it's nothing major, it's very common and usually only day surgery, but it's still surgery!!!  It's (as I said before) our little girl, she has other associated health complications that need to be monitored with the surgery and heck...  She's our daughter and it's only natural for a parent to be concerned, right??  Add to that meeting the Dr who will be the one making the decisions about her health with the onset of her suspected Type 1 Diabetes.  This is the Dr who has already been in consultations with the paediatrician here in The Mount.  She is apparently a research clinician and interested in the hormonal side of the endocrine system, could be interesting to have a chat with her over Aerynns short stature as well to see if she has any suggestions in regards to that ;)    Oh and not to mention OUR FIRST (real) TIME IN ADELAIDE!!!!!  Eeeeekkk!!!!  Driving to a new city, no idea where we are going and all that... nerve wracking for me LOL  I'm more of a creature of habit than I thought so it seems ;)  So we really need to relax, regroup, get our heads in the right place and work out what we are doing before next Tuesday rolls around and we find ourselves heading off for yet a new "adventure" ;)

oh and did I mention, Miss A has also decided now is a good time to start spiking temps, get tummy pains and have gastro like symptoms with moderately high BGL's??  No???  well.. that's our Aerynn, picking the right time to get sick ;)  LOL

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