Monday, August 29, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday Little Princess

Our little Miss A, 

Your birthday has been and gone.  Today is August 10th, two days ago you turned 5 years of age.  There was a stage we weren't sure you would see this magical number.  You have proven so much strength and resilience.  Sure, there are challenges, but we get through them, and every morning is a clean slate and a new day to discover.  

Aerynn, you are a headstrong Miss who knows what she wants.  Your teachers believe you are gifted beyond your years and work on another level compared to other children your age.  Your brain has compensated everything your body has limited you with, but in saying that you are doing soon well physically - almost reaching the accepted growth charts!!!!!  Our little princess is growing!!!!  

So for your 5th birthday we had a big celebration - 3 weeks early. Nanny and poppy came to visit from Tasmania so we had a birthday celebration then so they could join in the fun.  Most other little girls would love princess parties or have a disney or frozen theme, but no, Miss Aerynn insisted on a high tea with her friends.  Complete with cucumber sandwiches, cupcakes and mini cups of tea.  We went racing around town trying to find a tea set for you to use, and discovered a set which belonged to a 90 year old woman.  She had it for quite a while.  It was white, and so fragile...  you could see through the china it was so delicate.  A light blue decoration was on the outside.  I loved it, it was a reflection of you... so pale, fragile and delicate with soft blue eyes burning with intelligence and a fire from within.  It was simply perfect for your high tea.

Nanny made your birthday cake.  You were very indecisive with what you wanted...  apparently a 10 layer wedding cake was not in our budget - much to your disgust.  Instead you allowed us to talk you into a pretty castle cake, complete with turrets. Nanny stayed up ALL NIGHT decorating the cake, making it perfect for our perfect little princess.  It received so many compliments!  Mummy mad the cakes to go inside, one double chocolate mud cake and a butterscotch mud cake.  There wasn't much left by the end of the afternoon, so it must have been very tasty.

For your birthday you asked for a baby born doll.  We found a fairy one in purple - your favourite colour.  Baby born has had several different names since she has been received.  Stacey, Leesa and Toby likes to call her "poop poop".  She is a very loved dolly.  You push her around in the pram that nanny and poppy gave you and feed her from the magic bottles.  I hope that you continue to love Stacey/Leesa/Poop Poop for ever and a day and remember these times you spend playing "mummy" with your baby dolls.  magical times in any little girls life.  

So Miss Aerynn, on your 5th birthday we wish you the best.  We with you everything, peace, love, a happy time on earth, we wish you enough. We have no idea how long you will be with us.  We don't know what the future holds for any of us.  Go ahead and write your own story.  Continue to fight, continue to defy the odds and how them the person you are inside.  Our strong headed little princess who confuses and astounds everyone is growing up... Continue to do so... be our strong and beautiful little Aerynn <3 

Love Mummy xxx

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