Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Seriously, how unlucky can we get?  Aerynn has been diagnosed with measles :( 

The whole family has been down and out with the flu and then late last week I noticed a rash creeping over Aerynns neck, behind her ears, across her face and down her back.  Within an hour she had noticeable spots on her tummy.  She has been fighting illness after illness for weeks on end.  I just couldn't believe what I was seeing!  This all coming on he tail of a health department warning about a measles outbreak in Melbourne.  Surely it couldn't be happening here in front of out eyes...

Well, it was :(  Aerynn developed a classic rash, cough, conjunctivitis and fevers.  She was completely miserable :(  Even her tiny little toes and fingers had spots and rashes on them!  The rash was something I've never seen on my kidlets.  It was a raised red angry cluster of itchy dots from head to tow and there appeared to be a subcutaneous rash that was like a stain of the bumpy itchy rash...As I type this her red bumpy rash is starting to fade leaving only the staining on her skin.  Just a bit of a reminder that these last few days have been real and that we now need to be on the alert for Toby developing measles!

We have been super lucky.  The only real "complication" Aerynn had was some breathing difficulties with her cough and migraines.  We are still on the alert.  She isn't completely over it yet.  She still complains of the occasional headache which has be on edge as if another migraine appears we need to get her to hospital as there could be associated life threatening health implications still. 

Anyways, this is probably all a jumbled mess.  I'm still in the grips of the flu myself whilst trying to nurse the kids through their various illnesses so extremely sleep deprived and physically exhausted.  Here's for the next week of everyone recovering well and NO MORE BUGS PLEASE!!!

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