Monday, February 25, 2013

Muddling Along

There's not much to really report at the moment.. Everything is still the same...  Trying foods and having mixed results - no clear passes that we can speak of, some clear failures (such as carrots today - All over body rash and vomiting - ahh fun!!!) and still a bright button of a little girl in and around it all.
Totally innocent, she doesn't deserve this hand that life has dealt her

 Aerynn in herself has become a very independent little miss over the past weeks.  She is adjusting really well to Dommy going to kindy and having time at home playing by herself or soaking up mums individual attention.  She has also started showing signs of the "Bricknell Temper"  and that the terrible twos are just around the corner - yes, 19 months old almost - where on earth has the time gone to!?!?!  She has started climbing, jumping, saying "no" (lol) and independent role playing (she loves dress ups!!!!)  <3

Bubble play, Feb 2013

Some days I look at her and think that she has grown somewhat, or that her hair has gained some thickness or length or even that she has chubbed up even more, but I can't be certain of any of that as the next day I think she's still the same.  We will have a weight and measure done next week and a telephone consult with her paediatrician to track everything and make some tentative plans for the next month or two. 

Fast asleep, oh so peaceful <3

 One little victory we have had is a few nights she has slept from midnight to 6am!!!  She used to sleep so well as a baby but once she started becoming ill that was one of the first things to suffer.  She has been waking every 4 hours to have her "ippy" (sippy cup) of formula and then a little play before falling back to sleep...  The ability to sleep through we hope will increase and is a good sign for her :) 

So that's it for now...  a little victory here and there but mostly same old same old...  We'll see what next weeks stats show with her physical growth and see what more mischief the little Miss can get up to in the meantime ;)

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