Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year, Same old Same old...

Aerynn playing in the sandpit earlier this week
It may be a new year but nothing changes much here.  At the moment we are struggling with lack of sleep with the littlest Miss.  We've had a few nights of waking screaming and writhing around.  i was kinda hoping it was something reasonably common in "night terrors" but the last 2 days indicate it's more in the line of health issues :(

Aerynn was bright, bubbly and happy on Monday... Tuesday however she had a new crop of blisters break out on her upper thighs and bottom.  Not the usual pinprick blisters, there were around 0.5 - 1.5cm in diameter and fluid filled.  Her bottom was bright red with acidic burns.  Those blisters burst last night (Wed night) and this morning we woke to open sores again (albeit reasonably dry thanks to our "magic cream" Aromababy Barrier Balm) but she still has some red patches with huge (well huge in comparison to the teeny size of her butt) flakes of skin peeling off :(  It looks like a terrible sunburn TBH :(  Must be sooooo sore and uncomfortable for her :( 

Nappy changes have become a fight again as she doesn't want anything on them, but they need to be covered to keep them clean and well, to state the obvious so she can poop and wee and we're not discovering stinky little "surprises" LOL  I can only hope they heal up without becoming the ulcerated sores that we're still struggling with from back in August 2012 :(  The only upside is I have some photos to show the Drs that we are STILL having issues and that we'll be seeing them reasonably soon - in 12 days time...  Anyways, usual symptoms... bloated tummy, gassy, alternating diarhoea and then sticky icky poops, traces of blood on her nappies, unsettled and very very clingy.

I have no clue what has caused this latest reaction, I thought we were plodding along reasonably ok...  Anyways so much for that false sense of security!

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